The World After GDP

The World After GDP:How to measure sustainable growth of the human society?


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The modern concept of GDP was first developed by Simon Kuznets for a US Congress report in 1934 after the Great Depression. It became the main tool for measuring a country’s economy after the World War II.

As a broad measure of overall domestic production, GDP functions as a comprehensive scorecard of a given country’s economic health. But with the rapid development of the industrial society, it seemed the measurement had become the one and only goal of all nations.

And the price is heavy for the whole human society. From the late 80s, people began to realise the negative impact of industrial development on the ecological environment. As we enter the millennium, young people begin to seek a more balanced and sustainable way of development for bother human society and our blue planet.

  • If GDP is no longer the sole measurement, what else shall we take into account to measure the overall well-being of a nation/society?
  • Is development the only choice we have? Or shall we slow down and give it back to the nature?
  • Will there be another Renaissance? Could Art be the answer to the questions that Science can’t solve?
  • Wha is the Millennials point of view? Would ESG be their main focus?

Last week, Catherine Chen, founder of AvantFaire Investment Management Limited was invited to a brainstorm with the following guest speakers:

Liu Xiaochun, Vice President of Shanghai Finance Institute
Eva Lian, Co-Founder and Partner at Credit Frontier Hong Kong Ltd. Xiaopao Xiao, Co-founder of Sarya Finsoft Co. Ltd.

Please enjoy the 90 minute-long engaging and inspiring conversation regarding above mentioned questions and more.
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  • 刘晓春,上海新金融研究院副院长 
  • 陈钦若,AvantFaire(先行资管)创始人 
  • Eva,Credit Frontier Hong Kong Ltd. 创始合伙人
  • 肖小跑,Saryafinsoft Co., Ltd 飒亚高频交易,创始合伙人