AvantFaire helps investors access to a variety of investable opportunities to support the development of sustainable cities.

(Photo Credit: Human Progress)

Managing Earth from the Sky

Utilization of Space Technology for Meeting UN SGDs for Sustainable Cities Development

(Photo Credit: MIT Media Lab)

Application of City Planning Technology for Efficient Conceptualization and Rapid Prototyping Cities Design

(Photo Credit: Power Grid Corporation of China)

Implementation of Virtual Power Plant for Stabilization of Power Supply from Renewable Energy Sources

(Photo Credit: MIT News)

Alleviating CO2 emission in cement production

Alleviating CO2 emission in cement production

(Photo Credit: MIT News)

Utilization of carbon nanotube for biochemical applications

Using carbon nanotube for drinking water sanitation and water-based rapid biomedical testing

(Photo Credit: MIT News)

Making windfarms more profitable

Increasing the efficiency of wind power generators through sensors and data analytics

(Photo Credit: Cornell University)

Farming with remote sensing technology

Using data from synthetic aperture radar to enhance crop yields and manage climate change risks

(Photo Credit: Johns Hopkins University)

Stabilizing the performance of power grid

Using optical sensors to monitor and stabilize the operation  of the power grid

(Photo Credit: Life & Soul Magazine)

Creating sustainable fashion for SDGs

Through creativity and culture to generate global awareness and action in support of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.  

AvantFaire has been involved in the investment and research in industries and their products and services concerning green and efficient technologies for sustainable communities, cities and rural areas. 

Please contact us for more details about sustainable city projects we have participated in.