Investment Services

  AvantFaire invests on behalf of our investors through different channels.

  • Direct investment and discretionary mandate for private equity investments
  • External asset management services for private equities and liquidity investments
  • Blended financing with international organizations for blended financing projects

Investment Scope

  1. Tailwind for Green, Economic and Decarbonization (GED) Development Pathways

  • Alignment with country specific agenda on GED development
  • Alignment with environment and economic needs
  • Alignment with culture and preference of beneficiaries

  2. Technology for New Possibilities

  • Technology facilitating decision making on GED management
  • Technology enhancing efficiency in GED operation
  • Technology leading to new themes in sustainability

  3. Target for Efficient Projects

  • Investment in Series Pre-A, A and B rounds for close management team engagement
  • Investment in disrupting technology to solve the existing problem effectively
  • Investment in data business and light industry for better impact-adjusted returns

Investment Process

  1. Mapping the Green, Economic and Decarbonization (GED) Protocols

  • Investee project matching at least one GED theme in the protocols
  • Investee project creating measurable impact in specific GED protocol targets
  • Investee project attributing to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and/or specific national GED protocols

  2. Managing the Investment and Operating Process

  • Investment process following the Operating Principles for Impact Management
  • Investment team working closely with investee project operation to deliver the impact
  • Investment feed-back-loop ensuring investee project proceeds on the right track

  3. Monitoring the Post-Investment Progress

  • Communication through relevant and meaningful metrics to quantity impact creation
  • Comparing impact creation with pre-defined goals and benchmarks
  • Collaboration with investee project management team for growth and evolution